It’s simple… this package is designed to see what you’re made of! You’ll get some of our hardest workouts and more with these programs! See what’s included below:

  1. An in depth video demonstration of the PowerLux Fitness warmup
  2. Video database of exercises
  3. 5 insane ab pairings harder than the hard stuff you see on social media
  4. 8 absolute brutal and killer workouts (listed below) that leave everyone on their hands and knees:
    • If You Choose To Accept This Mission
    • Sledhammer
    • Smooth Criminal
    • Nice Knowin’ Ya
    • Bring Me A Stretcher
    • Am I Still Alive?
    • And You Thought 2020 Was Rough
    • F*** Me!

If you’re up for the challenge or want to see what you’re made of and test your fitness level, get started today! Click the “Pay now” button if you got what it takes!

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