Eden playing in the 2023 ECNL National Selection Game

Caleb @ 2023 Junior Olympics


“I have had the pleasure of training with PowerLux many times and in different venues. I have played many sports all my life and currently my hobbies include snow skiing and soccer. Traditional training typically incorporates weight training and cardio….with little attention to body type/job-career/hobbies. Plus, traditional training can become monotonous if not boring, and without attention to the physiology: ligaments, tendons, muscles, power-strength-explosiveness-quickness. Madison addresses all these issues with well designed workouts that are effective, fun, and novel-creative. Most notably, I have been able to enjoy my sports/hobbies at a high level with a very low injury rate….. the latter probably saying more about the quality of training than any other parameter. Madison is full of detail and passion. Any one can study books, get certifications and degrees. But my money always goes to the person that not only has the book knowledge, but also has played sports at a high level and been trained by the best in class. I want to be trained by a person who actually played, not someone who is just certified…it matters as she knows the subtleties of training and has the muscle memory herself. Not only can she talk the talk, but she can walk the walk.”

~ Steve

~ Caleb

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