Why settle for anything less than the best! This upper body program is as the name says, the upper echelon! It’s a program package consisting of strength building, power generating, and cardio hitting training programs, as well as mobility routines designed to improve upper body health and prevent injuries. See what you get with this program below:

  1. A video demonstrating the in depth, full body PowerLux Fitness warmup
  2. A video showcasing 10+ exercises and movements to increase upper body mobility, strengthen joints, and promote injury prevention
  3. 5 well rounded upper body training programs (listed below) designed by a CSCS that will definitely make you work in the gym:
    • The Big Kahuna
    • Salt-N-Pepa
    • Baby Got Back
    • Load The Cannon
    • Good Luck Shampooing

Don’t wait any longer to transform your upper body training and build up your joint health and integrity! Click the “Pay now” button to purchase the program package, and start today!

The Upper Echelon Program


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