Why wait until the season is half over to crush the slopes when you can Shred From The Start? This is a 6 WEEK program package, designed to get you ready to have the best snowboard season of your life. Here’s what’s included:

  1. A 6 week online snowboard training program, totaling 18 workouts (3 per week), starting with a general prep phase and progressing to sport specific snowboard training. We have plyos, power, strength, cardio, stability, and much more, planned out for you how we train our snowboard athletes in the gym!
  2. 10 extra stability and balance exercises to help you escape the snow snakes and edge snipers
  3. 10 mobility exercises to loosen you up so you’re not as stiff as your board
  4. 5 conditioning exercises that you can do in the gym, no running or cardio machines, to help build your tolerance to take less breaks… less breaks = more shred time

*Video demonstration is available for all exercises via YouTube link

Here is a sneak peak into what you’re receiving, including our general warm up and one of the workouts we have in the program!

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Shred From The Start


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