Welcome to PowerLux Fitness’ new Strength and Conditioning facility! We are happy to announce the opening of our first gym, as of July 2021. It was a long time coming and a lot of hard work, starting back in March 2021, but all good things take time. After searching for months for the perfect location, we finally found the spot we wanted to call PowerLux Fitness, however, this was just the beginning of an enduring process. Let’s just say opening a gym is not for the faint of heart. We spent countless hours applying for permits, some of which took months to complete, and this was only the start. Once all the permits were approved, then the “fun” work began… and by “fun”, I mean work that literally caused blood, sweat, and tears. Just ask our 7,000 blisters.

After receiving the keys, much work had to be done in order to change this warehouse into a Strength and Conditioning facility. Before we could even think about bringing equipment, we had to do a full remodel of the place…. HGTV style. We started by power washing the entire warehouse, you should be grateful for that, and then moved on to fixing the walls. We can now say that we officially know how to turn an ugly wall into a not so ugly wall. It took several nights to fix just one portion of the wall, let alone the many hours it took to actually paint the gym. When painting was finished, we could then start setting up equipment, which once again, caused much blood and sweat, there was no energy left for tears. Just kidding, there’s no crying at PowerLux Fitness.

Equipment did not take too long to build and setup. Actually, I lied. It took a couple weeks. But compared to the initial cleaning and painting, it was nothing. We even made our own deadlifting platform to our customized specifications… I told you, HGTV style, DIY baby.

The next obstacle was finding the exact turf that we wanted to outfit our gym with. We looked for weeks for the perfect turf, and finally found it by way of Massachusetts (shout out to On Deck Sports!) It took a weekend to fully install, but we’re thrilled to say it’s totally better than we could have ever hoped for. It’s amazing for plyometrics, sprint training, sled work, sports training, and even better for taking naps. Unfortunately, now the turf takes away funny moments of people slipping and falling, but I guess all good things have to end eventually. So now we just make people fall other ways.

We absolutely love our facility, and we hope you do too! Come by to check it out, and get in a training session with us! Be part of the best Strength and Conditioning company in Sacramento (this is self declared right now, but soon will be common knowledge).

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